commercial outdoor furniture

As old man winter takes his last breathe, I find myself daydreaming of summer and I picture myself lying on a vinyl strap chaise lounge, soaking up the sun's rays at a beautiful resort. I imagine my family gathered by the pool, enjoying all of the outdoor commercial patio furniture and socializing with other guests. While I lay there, I dream about sitting at an outdoor patio table with aluminum patio sling chairs, having lunch and treasuring the warm climate. I literally can feel the form fitting comfort of the patio sling chairs and then, I allow myself to imagine even more detail of the beautiful resort and their poolside outdoor furniture. I see vinyl strap chaise lounges lined up alongside the length of the pool. Scattered around the vast area of the patio, are beautiful market style umbrellas with bar height outdoor tables and vinyl strap bar stools.

So, as winter comes to an end, I reluctantly drag myself out of the imaginary vinyl strap chaise lounge. My daydreams turn back to reality and once again, I remind myself that summer is just around the corner. I realize, it’s time for checking our outdoor furniture to see what needs to be replaced or repaired before summer arrives. But first, we have to put old man winter to bed for his long seasonal nap! Now is the time to order your new commercial outdoor furniture from National Outdoor Furniture for the summer season! Call and speak with our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff today!

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