commercial outdoor patio and market umbrellas


One of the best ways to beat the heat while enjoying your patio in summer is something you probably already have. Besides shade trees and gentle outdoor breezes an outdoor patio and market umbrellas can help take the edge off the heat while you’re grilling hot dogs, entertaining guests and celebrating all that summer has to offer.

During the summer when the temperature rises, shade can be a precious commodity. In direct sunlight, temperatures can feel about 10 to 15 degrees hotter than real air temperatures. This doesn't mean you need to hibernate inside on warm days. Our commercial patio umbrellas are shade-creating additions that can help you beat the summer heat while you enjoy the outdoors. Adding a patio umbrella is one of the easiest ways to add shade to decks and outdoor living spaces. Simply install the umbrella in a pre-determined area of your deck and use an umbrella base for support.

What's the difference between a patio and market umbrella? The term patio umbrella is a term typically reserved for those umbrellas designed to fit through a hole in a table, and shelter the occupants sitting underneath the umbrella from the sun. These umbrellas are used in backyard patios, in commercial spaces to cover outdoor tables, and other environments where eating and lounging are more likely to occur. Often an additional weighted base is used to keep the umbrella straight, but the base is much less important than it would be for a traditional market umbrella, due to the fact that the table brace provides significant stability and balance for the umbrella. A market umbrella is a type of umbrella that is designed to shade those underneath from the sun, and were commonly used in trade instances in European open markets. These umbrellas may cover farm stand structures, food vendors, farmers market stalls, and other commercial common spaces. Many times market umbrellas don’t get inserted through a table or other stabilization system, and as such are stabilized by a weighted base only. Market umbrellas are defined by their geometric shape, usually in an octagon or rectangular design invarious sizes.

The larger your umbrella, the more shaded space it will give you. You should consider how much shade you need and how large of an area you want to keep shaded. A large umbrella might create substantial shade, but it could look out of proportion on a small deck. Landscape designers suggest umbrellas should measure the width of your outdoor table setting, plus an extra 2 feet on each side. In other words, an umbrella with a diameter of 8 feet will suit an outdoor space with a 4-foot round table.

An umbrella’s height is also important. Your umbrella should be tall enough so that you don’t have to duck to get underneath it, but you also don’t want it so high that your shade becomes reduced. Your umbrella should be at least 7 feet, but you may need a larger height if you or others are tall.

All of these factors, in addition to material and umbrella options, should be carefully considered when purchasing shade for your outdoor area. So if you're in need of shade this summer look no further than our line of commercial outdoor umbrellas. Whether you're looking for an umbrella for your outdoor table, a freestanding umbrella between two chaise lounges or one of our larger, commercial shade umbrellas you'll find just the right outdoor umbrella for your needs. And don't forget to add a matching umbrella base!

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