When is it time to replace my outdoor furniture?

When is it time to replace my outdoor furniture?

Some people avoid change until it’s absolutely necessary. This even applies to something as simple as outdoor furniture. Sometimes, we get so used to our own setup that we can't see that it’s time for a change. Here are a couple of simple ways to tell it’s time to update your outdoor furniture.

1. Torn, stained, or broken furniture

You don't want to have guests over and make them sit on furniture that has tears in the upholstery or a broken leg. This goes the same for stains. When you see obvious signs that your furniture needs to be updated, take the time to get it replaced. As a general rule, if it's so worn or broken that you can't even donate it, you definitely need new pieces.

2. Out of style

Even if you take really good care of your furniture, eventually it will go out of style. People tend to keep their internal furniture in style more than their outdoor furniture, but your outdoor furniture should stay in style, too. This is the same for if you change your home's style with time. If the rest of your home is contemporary, you can't have rustic outdoor furniture because it will clash with the rest of your decor. Outdoor and indoor style must match.

3. Weathered

Furniture is not known for withstanding the elements very well. Even if you care for you outdoor furniture, you may start to notice your furniture's color fading from exposure to the sun. Sure, you can paint your furniture, but when you start painting it every single year, it's time to look at other options. Wood can also warp when exposed to heat and rain, making your furniture look funny.

4. It's not comfortable

It's important for you and your guests to be comfortable in your outdoor furniture. If you hurt your back after sitting in your outdoor chairs, you can assume that guests probably experience the same thing. Get furniture that is comfortable and is comfortable for you. Is it easy to get in and out of your outdoor furniture? Sometime with age, you might want something that allows you to get in and out with ease.

5. Not winter-friendly

You may think that you have to bring outdoor furniture in every winter, every time it rains, and during windy times. This isn't true! Look for options that are durable enough to withstand the seasons without requiring too much extra work. If any of these things sound familiar, maybe it's time to take a look at https://www.nationaloutdoorfurniture.com/ to see your commercial outdoor furniture options.

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