Why You Should Always Purchase 100% Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Many companies are turning to manufacturing plastic outdoor furniture from recycled material. Obviously, there is some serious advantage to recycled plastic furniture and here you are going to learn why.


Ecological Perspective

The planet Earth has accumulated huge amounts of plastic material that is going to be rotting for a long time in landfills and in the ocean. It is estimated that in total shoppers in the world use 500 billion plastic bags per year. The number of other plastic materials is even greater. Cutting on the use of plastic materials and recycling it instead can lead to a drastic decrease in plastic pollution that affects all people. A single outdoor plastic bench is equal to 2,000 plastic bottles. By buying plastic outdoor furniture you are helping save the planet.



Outdoor plastic products are made of recycled plastic from waste materials. This type of furniture is not painted, does not get rusted, and is very durable. The material is stronger than the regular plastic material, is resistant to the effects of the weather on it, and does not fade in color.


Better Than Wood

Recycled plastic furniture has really great imitations of traditional wood furniture, particularly benches. The imitation of wood is durable, stronger than it, and looks real. Buying recycled plastic benches will be a step towards reducing deforestation as trees are the primary source of oxygen that we breathe. These benches, unlike wood, are also resistant to mold, fungus, insects, termites, and rotting.


Easy Maintenance

Recycled plastic is easy to clean. It is smooth and its color does not fade easily. It does not hold water to its surface, so it dries off fast after you wash it.



There is a wide choice of products that you can choose from the recycled plastic outdoor furniture. There are benches, tables, chairs, trash disposals, poolside furniture, patio furniture, pet waste facilities, adirondack chairs, bike racks and other miscellaneous items that you might need around the yard. From each category, there are many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from.


Manufacturer of Choice

National Outdoor Furniture has been in the outdoor furniture business since 1998. The company supplies outdoor furniture to hotels, resorts, car manufacturers, schools, amusement parks, colleges, public entertainment facilities, store chains, markets, and restaurants. The company also makes provides custom furniture with logos, memorials, and different style finishes. Purchasing from National Outdoor Furniture is a step towards living with style and low impact on the environment. The company produces all its furniture in the USA with a commitment to safety, variety, and a great look.

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