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Spending time outdoors in the serenity of nature is a beloved American pastime. From National Parks to monuments to a local patch of greenery with a swing set down the street, Americans love spending time in parks. Whether it be on a reflective walk, in a hammock, or throwing a ball around with friends, there are endless activities to enjoy in parks across the nation. Unfortunately, there are several parts of the country without easy access to a park or playground, and obesity rates soar in these areas; proximity to parks are correlated with higher rates of physical activity and health in the respective community. Typically, large cities have a denser concentration of public parks. Some of these parks, such as Central Park in New York City, see millions of visitors each year. Places like Grand Park in Chicago and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco offer unique attractions to the public that reflect the unique city where they’re located. Below, we’ve compiled facts and figures in celebration of America’s favorite outdoor haven, the park.

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