Cleaning Tips For Your Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning Tips For Your Outdoor Furniture


Having some nice outdoor furniture can really provide a finishing touch for your space and a great way for you or your guests to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. However, outdoor furniture is naturally exposed to the elements, so it requires some special cleaning and care in order to keep it in peak condition.

The first thing you might notice when looking to give your outdoor furniture a facelift is the amount of debris that can collect on the surface. Leaves, twigs, and even cut grass can make an unwanted appearance on your patio table or lawn chairs. These are generally a simple matter of cleaning off when dry and then simply swept away. If they've been rained on, you might need a stiff brush or a wet cloth to clear out the corners, folds, or seams of your furniture.

Most outdoor furniture is, of course, made with weather resistance in mind. When you're shopping around for your patio pieces, it's important to bear quality in mind as this will impact durability and ease of maintenance later on. If you're looking for a great place to start, take a look at National Outdoor Furniture for the best place to buy commercial outdoor furniture.

If you've purchased high quality, durable outdoor furniture, then deeper cleaning once you've cleared away the top layer of debris should be a fairly simple matter. Your trusty garden hose can go a long way in cleaning off surface stains, spills, or mud. Tougher messes on plastic, metal, and wooden outdoor furniture are best tackled with a wet scrub brush and some soap.

It's important to take into consideration the materials you're working with when cleaning your patio furniture. For example, you wouldn't want to power wash wooden outdoor furniture, as this will put unnecessary wear and tear on the softer wood finish. A better option here would be to use an oil-based soap designed specifically for wood, which will not only clean but protect your wooden piece.

Another material commonly used in outdoor furniture that can require special care is metal. Metal furniture often comes pre-coated to protect against rust, but this finish can eventually wear off. In this situation, it's best to buff away any rust with some steel wool and refresh the anti-rust coating for future protection.

If you've got some commercial outdoor furniture that is geared towards extra comfort, it probably includes cushions or pillows. The fabric used in these pieces will be somewhat moisture and weather resistant, but will undoubtedly need a wash now and then. Some cushions are designed so that you can remove the outer covers and simply toss them in the washing machine. Others do not zip open, so it's back to the trusty detergent and some warm water for these. If you've got mildew on your hands, vinegar or another fabric-safe disinfectant should solve the problem.

Commercial outdoor furniture comes built for durability in different types of weather, but will still undoubtedly need some maintenance and cleaning. After taking the initial step to make sure you've purchased good, quality outdoor furniture, it's important to consider your materials when deciding upon your cleaning approach. Treat each item with care, and you'll keep them looking their best.

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