Happy Memorial Day!


Each year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time all across America. This is a special time to remember our fallen soldiers and should be a somber reminder of the brave sacrifice men and women have made to keep the United States a free and just society. Memorial Day is just a small gesture to make our countries heroes feel appreciated on this patriotic day as the citizen of this great nation should never forget their hard work and Memorial Day appreciation will make them realize that how the people and country are thankful to them for their enormous sacrifices. Thus Happy Memorial Day Messages and Memorial Day Text Messages is the best way to cherish the moment that must be appreciated and recognized the efforts made by them and their family. Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start of summer.

The Civil War, which ended in the spring of 1865, claimed more lives than any conflict in U.S. history and required the establishment of the country’s first national cemeteries. It is unclear where exactly this tradition originated; numerous different communities may have independently initiated the memorial gatherings. Waterloo—which first celebrated the day on May 5, 1866—was chosen because it hosted an annual, community-wide event, during which businesses closed and residents decorated the graves of soldiers with flowers and flags. Several towns claim to be the originators of Memorial Day, but in 1966 Congress declared Waterloo, New York, to be the birthplace of the holiday. By the late 1860s, Americans in various towns and cities had begun holding springtime tributes to these countless fallen soldiers, decorating their graves with flowers and reciting prayers

Soldiers put their lives on the line so they can go back home and play with their kids, eat barbecue and enjoy everything summer has to offer.. Memorial Day represents the best, most joyous aspects of America. The kind of things that are worth fighting for—and that's how we can honor their sacrifice. Memorial Day is where people recollect and remember the fond memories of soldiers and army men who sacrificed their lives for the safety as well as all those loyal officers who offered their services relentlessly without being selfish for the betterment of the country. Each and Every year, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of the month of May and this year the day falls on 28th May. It is a great occasion for every one of us to express gratitude towards the soldiers of this great country.

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