How to Make Your Hotel Pool Look Like an Expensive Resort

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How to Make Your Hotel Pool Look Like an Expensive Resort


If you are the manager of a hotel and you want to make your pool one of your selling points, you may need to take a good hard look at what it is you are actually offering your guests. Nobody is going to want to swim in a pool that is dirty or that looks like it was set in the middle of a barren waste land. If you want to make your pool one of your hotel's features, you may have some serious work to do. Here are some simple suggestions to make your hotel pool look like an expensive resort.



The simplest and most obvious suggestion is to make sure your pool is clean. If it is an outdoor pool it should be skimmed regularly. If there are leaves or bugs or anything else floating in the pool, no one will want to swim there. The same thing goes for algae. If any part of your pool is green when it shouldn't be, give it a good scrub. In that same vein, the pool deck should be swept and free of debris.


Make Repairs

If the fence around your pool is broken, not only is it unsightly, but could make you liable if someone drowns. If the diving board, furniture or anything else is not in working order, fix it immediately. It does not look very professional and guests will not overlook it.



Paint is the quickest and least expensive way to perk up a space. You could paint walls, fences, furniture or anything that doesn't move. You may want to consult with a professional decorator for some suggestions on what colors to use and how to use them so that it doesn't look like a child was let loose with a paint set.



Whether your pool is indoor or outdoor, plants will help to liven things up. You can add potted plants to the pool deck. Adding large tropical greenery and even flowering plants will give your pool area a tropical feel. For an outdoor pool, make sure your landscaping in spot on. You can use trees and shrubs to give your pool area some added privacy from the rest of the world.



No pool area is complete without furniture. Guests will want places where they can lounge poolside, watch their children and enjoy the weather. You should also add tables for those who want to bring a lunch with them. If your pool is outdoors, then all seating should have an umbrella nearby.



Indoor or outdoor, the right lighting will set your pool off and give it a romantic glow. If it is outdoor, you may want to keep the lighting low and have citronella plants on hand to help ward off insects. With the right lighting, your pool can be just as enticing at night as in the daylight.


Offer Towels

You have towels for guests in the rooms. You should also have them poolside. Your job is to look out for your guests needs and make them feel comfortable. The pool is a place where they will need towels. If you place a hamper by the door, then they will be inspired to use it as they leave the pool area to return to their room.

It does not take much to turn your hotel pool into a resort-worthy luxury. A little care and maintenance is all most pools need. With a little effort on your part, your hotel pool can be a very popular feature.


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