Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

outdoor furniture for small spaces

Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Everyone loves their own little nook, especially when this space is outdoors and surrounded by creative and attractive garden designs. Whether it’s a patio, a front porch, a balcony, or a small terrace, your outdoor space can come alive with the right type of furniture and accent arrangements.


Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs have slatted backs and deep seats, and a beautiful Cape Cod-style appeal. For tiny spaces, setting up a couple of these chairs, accented with a stackable planter, a bright outdoor rug, and a boxed-shaped storage bench meshes together beauty and function. When you order online, quick shipping allows you to begin putting together your outdoor space in no time at all.

Pensacola Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge offers deep-seated comfort and a reclining feature that makes it perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. For a small outdoor space, compliment a pair of these lounge chairs with a set of nesting tables and a cushioned club chair. Add a serving cart and potted plants and you’ll have the perfect arrangement that serves well for family retreats on your private patio or deck.

Commercial Stacking Chairs

Commercial chairs that are stackable are affordable and are ideal for small spaces where several guests will gather. These chairs are a great selection because they are easy to maintain and can quickly be stacked and put away into a pool house, garage, or storage shed to free up the outdoor space for other activities. Available in an array of designs, from simple to elaborate, simple to clean, and offered in numerous colors, stacking chairs make a practical choice for someone needing both form and function.

Bistro or Bar Tables and Chairs

Bistro tables and chairs, often known as “bar” collections, are fun and trendy arrangements of furniture that are available in a variety of wood finishes, as well as wood and metal combinations. From urban designs to traditional pieces, this type of outdoor furniture is helpful in smaller areas. High-back bar chairs at a raised table provide a sophisticated touch to an area that has small square footage. These combinations also work well indoors as well as outdoors, making them more practical for year-round usage.

Picnic Tables and Benches

Picnic tables offer seating for up to six or eight people, depending on the size of the table, and fits well in a 10x10” area. This type of table is popular for outdoor barbeques, small dinners, and family gatherings. Storage benches provide dual functionality and may be used for storage for outdoor accessories, as well as providing additional seating space.

Plan Your Furniture Arrangement

You can contact National Outdoor Furniture by visiting National Outdoor Furniture for all your patio, porch, terrace, and deck furniture needs. If you’re unsure exactly what type of furniture is the best fit for your space, consider drawing up a plan, complete with square footage. This will help you to determine how much space you have to work with and the amount of furniture you’re able to include in the area.

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