The Bleacher Saga


The Bleacher Saga 

Bleachers may be the most underrated and unappreciated piece of instrument known to mankind, yet their presence can be found literally everywhere. One can find them while attending a sporting event, a concert, or even special occasions like a wedding ceremony.

Bleachers are even a popular cultural icon, as they can be recognized in Hollywood movies featuring them. When someone sits on a bleacher, they never give a second of thought to account for the perpetual negligence these step-ups face daily.

Despite this circumstance, bleachers still remain the top-notch choice when event organizers and party planners are looking for a adaptable seating arrangement to house a multitude of people. But why is this the case?

It’s a perplexing situation for sure, but when investigating the attributes of the bleachers, the reason becomes obvious. At an entry level glance, the typical consumer see bleachers nothing more than a multistage platform bench, but viewing through the selective windows of a coordinator, you will see an entirely divergent perspective.

Bleachers are highly configurable and flexible, and there are many different varieties of options to choose from. Some types of bleachers include Standard Non-Elevated, Elevated, Portable, and Tip and Roll bleachers, with each serving their own purpose. Bleachers are universally accessible to the mass, and they’re available in all shapes and sizes. Some bleachers may present two rows of seating, while others can harbor a capacity of thousands.

A key defining feature that distinguishes bleachers from other seating methods, such as chairs, is that they are collapsible, which makes transportation and conserving space much more convenient. Bleachers perform best in inside quarters than outdoors, but nonetheless, they are durable enough to withstand precipitation and harsh winds. Bleachers also are constructed with many different materials.

Aluminum is currently the standard material for bleachers since the frames need to be sturdy, but it wasn’t always this way. Back in 1877, baseball stadiums utilized woods for benches, but this material wasn’t optimal. The wood would deteriorate over time and the sun would bleach them, hence the origin of the name “bleachers”.

Another significant characteristic of bleachers is that they’re entirely versatile. Bleachers don’t serve one function, they serve many. They can be equipped with storage containers, wheels for extra mobility, and seating cushions if preferred. They can also be manipulated for excellent photo settings.

Want a photo of everyone in your sports team? Deploy the bleachers. Need to house your guests for your wedding? Deploy the bleachers. Needs seats to accommodate the attendees at your concert? Deploy the bleachers. The point is, bleachers make a great resourceful addition to your forum.

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