The Importance Of Providing Outdoor Trash Receptacles At Your Place Of Business

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The importance of providing outdoor trash receptacles at your place of business.

When it comes to workplace safety, health, and cleanliness, choosing the best trash receptacle is essential. Not only are you supplying customers and employees with easy access to an area to place rubbish or recyclables, but you're also maintaining these areas outside of your places of business. When trash is overflowing, it becomes an unsightly and unhealthy mess. Therefore, it's critical that your place of business keep these areas clean and the receptacles in plain view. We’re going to talk about the importance of providing outdoor trash receptacles at your place of business in greater detail.

How to Choose the Right Trash Can

While it may seem obvious to some, selecting the right kind of trash can is just as critical as providing them. In addition to being a long-term investment, they should also be made from recyclable materials that are of sturdy construction. Here are some other considerations you could also make:

? How much trash is going to be in the receptacles? Purchasing receptacles that are too small will cause overflow and ones that are too big will cause problems with your trash removal service. Therefore, it's vital that you know how much trash is going to be outside your place of business and plan accordingly.
? Make sure they close well! If the receptacles don't seal well, then odor will release, there will be issues with insects, and trash could fall out. There could also be an issue with animals getting into them, as well. Choose lids or covers that snap on, or that are heavy enough to stay in place if the wind blows.
? Are they easy to transport? Some receptacles come with handles, wheels, dollies, or other ways to carry them easily. Different ways to make them convenient for use are lids that stay up when open, ventilation options, and rectangular shapes for better storage.

Maintaining the Trash Receptacles

No matter how much trash is generated outside of your business, periodic cleaning is necessary. One of the simplest ways to keep the trash can clean is by placing bags at the bottom so, each time you're replacing them, you have access to a new one. However, sometimes liquid will still spill out, and the receptacle will need a thorough cleaning. At this point, you'll need to empty it and use a hose to rinse it out. You can use odor absorbent powder or cleaning solution to help with disinfecting and deodorizing. Be sure to follow the emptying schedule to prevent the receptacles from becoming over-filled.

Final Considerations

There’s a lot to think about when operating a business, and workplace safety should top the list for everyone and not just supervisors and administration. When there are ample areas for customers and employees to dispose of trash, the company’s environment remains clean and healthy. Achieving these goals everyday sets your business up for maintaining other goals including ensuring employees needs are being met, the exterior of the company is consistently presentable, and the business is maintaining a healthy image.

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