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Keep your business traffic area clear by exhibiting efficient pet waste equipment!

Businesses that provide a pet-friendly environment are a favorite destination for pet owners who enjoy running errands with their pets. A pet-friendly business policy invites pet owners and pet messes alike, however. To help keep the traffic areas of your businesses clean and safe, purchase efficient and effective pet waste equipment.

Pet Waste Management System

Piles of pet poop are the most common messes you'll encounter in the traffic areas of your business. When pets need to go to the bathroom, they generally find the most convenient spot to perform their biological function. When someone's pet makes a mess on the floor of your business, you'll want it to be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. Purchasing a pet waste management system will allow you or another staff member to react quickly to a pet mess and clean it before a customer's shoes become the unfortunate victim of the mess. A pet waste management system typically comes with an elongated scoop and an adjustable waste bin that can be lined with a plastic bag for easy containment and disposal.

Odor Removal Spray

One thing that you must keep in mind when it comes to cleaning up pet waste is that scent plays a huge role in the urge pets have to relieve themselves. This is especially true with dogs. If a dog has urinated in a certain area of your business, another dog will come by and smell the marked territory only to urinate on it to mark it with its own scent. This cycle will continue as more dogs take notice of these marked spots. To prevent certain spots in your business from becoming saturated with pet urine, keep a bottle of powerful pet odor removal spray as part of your pet waste equipment. Pet odor removal spray will neutralize the scent molecules in spots marked with urine so that pets will cease marking the same spots. This should help to reduce the amount of pet urine you'll have to clean up and will eliminate any unpleasant pet urine odor that may linger.

Pet Waste Bins

Keeping pet waste cleaned from the high traffic areas of your business will require more than poop scoopers and urine spray. You're also going to need a secure place to toss the pet waste and soiled paper towels. This is where a pet waste bin will come in handy. A pet waste bin is a small trash receptacle that will hold piles of pet waste or dirty cloths used to clean pet waste and prevent the stench of the items from lingering in the air to create a smelly business environment.

Pet Stain Deep Cleaner

For businesses that have carpets or area rugs where pets leave their waste, investing in a pet stain deep cleaner will allow you to remove any stains that occur from pet waste as well as any lingering odors. There are many types of handheld steam cleaners that will provide you with powerful cleaning ability in a small, portable device. These handheld steam cleaners will also pack up conveniently and are incredibly compact for storage purposes.


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