Picnic Tables: What Material is the best for All Weather?

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 Picnic Tables: What Material is the best for All Weather?


Rain, heat, snow, storms: all these devastating natural hazards could turn a nice picnic at a park into a buzzkill! Most of the "picnickers" of today just grab that shaggy old wooden table that has been defeated by the laws of nature to use as their table, even though there are a wide variety of tables that greatly surpass the longevity of that overused plank. If you are looking to find that god-sent table for your picnic, then here it is, the Powder Coated Aluminum Table!

To start off the table is made out of aluminum, which deflects all sources of weathering. Not only is aluminum strong so it can hold its on weight and more, it's lightweight so you can take your tank-of-a-table anywhere without breaking your back. For example, if you want to mount a table on top of dirt and debris, the aluminum table is scratch resistant and can hold the weight on top of its shoulders without a problem (a wooden table would have been stained from the dirt and folded in of itself).

You might be asking now, but what about the rain? Aluminum can rust! That is why we specifically chose the POWDER COATED one. The powder settles in on the primer that is applied to the aluminum so it can keep that nice shiny finish that everyone wants without giving up durability. Another added perk to the powder is that it makes the aluminum scratch-proof and water resistant, making it invulnerable to rusting that comes with rain and snow. Wooden tables in this case would feel the full effect of weathering and deterioration within a year. Plastic tables are a smart choice but can't nearly match the durability and deflection of weathering as an aluminum table.

Aluminum tables come in more of a variety of sizes and styles to fit your personal preference. Instead of getting the generic 4x4 plastic table or the long, heavy wooden table, aluminum is the way to go. Want a small but structurally sound table for 4 people? You can find an aluminum table for that. Aluminum allows you to pick your table based of your gear. On top of that, it comes in slick modern styles that rest easy on the eyes, compared to wooden, plastic, or stainless steel that comes in those distasteful designs that come in only one style.

Rain, heat, snow, the aluminum table knocks all of the opponents out of the park!

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