The Significance of Color Choice When Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture

The Significance of Color Choice When Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture.

Some may wonder, "Is it important to choose the right color for outdoor furniture?" Many might think, it's not a big deal. It's outdoor furniture and won't be used as often as indoor furniture. True, depending on where you live, outdoor furniture is seasonal and will only be used for a few months. Why go crazy with color schemes and all right? Wrong! Choosing the right colors for your outdoor furniture is important and here's why! Although use may be limited, it is part of your home and speaks volumes. What I mean that is, your home represents you and you want it to represent you well. For example, would you want your home to look out of order, untidy or uninviting indoors? Of course not! So why would you treat your outdoor space differently? Let's say you invite friends and family over for a BBQ....we all love those. Wouldn't you want your guest to feel comfortable, as if they were in their own home? How about when you want to get some fresh air and just relax outside? Don't you owe yourself a space that makes you feel relaxed and comfy? Believe it or not, color affects our mood. When you choose the right colors, you create a space that you and others will love! You can decide how and what you want your guests to feel. Also, you deserve to enjoy the outdoors in a way that will put you in a good mood! When choosing furniture, go for neutral colors like beige, birch, ivory, etc. Then, add color with sofa cushions, throw pillows and accessories. The beauty is, you can always change your colors depending on the mood you are going for!

Here are some ways color can create the mood you want:

Reds If you want to create a festive and energetic environment, this is the color for you! Reds are invigorating and keep us awake. Also, when things quiet down, reds can put you in a romantic mood. Either way, reds are great for socializing!

Blues Now if you want your outdoor space to create a relaxed mood, blues are for you. Blues are tranquil, helping to calm the mind and lower blood pressure. Try to go for the lighter blues as the darker blue may have a colder effect as opposed to warm.

Purple Purple gives the feeling of luxury, mystery and even a bit of romance. Lighter purples, like lilac and lavender, create a calmer effect. Either way, purple gives the punch your outdoor space needs.

Yellow Yellow creates a mood that is energized, uplifting and joyful! Perfect for gatherings as you want your guests to feel happy and full of life when they are spending time with you.

Green Green is great for the outdoors, especially when surrounded with nature. When you think about it, green will go perfectly with your plants and flowers and give a natural feel. You will feel more connected with nature and most importantly with each other.

Color is important as you want you create great experiences for yourself and those you love!

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