Getting Imaginative With Backyard and Campground Fire Rings


Getting Imaginative With Backyard and Campground Fire Rings

For families that have a fire ring, the key role it plays is a fun place to gather. Some families might equip the ring with a grill, so they can eat as well as enjoy its natural glow and warmth. Others just prefer the pit for its aesthetic purposes. Whatever category you and your family fall under, there is a way to take a normal fire pit into something extravagant. After all, anyone can just dig a hole in their backyard and stick it full of firewood. A true fire ring and gathering place is something just a little bit more. Here are a few ideas on how you can take your fire ring and gathering space to the next level.

1. The Party Scene
For those who want a big area to host parties for their family and friends, then it is absolutely necessary to include a patio. The choice of aesthetics is astounding, and you can create a whole design from the patio itself. Whether you prefer dark and sophisticated or light and cheery, this is your chance to make a statement. Craft the patio around the fire pit, and you can make it a centerpiece for entertainment. For households that intend to host quite a few adult parties in their future, you could include an awesome and equipped bar to satiate your friends' every need. With the addition of comfortable furniture that matches your patio and fire ring, you can pull together an entire entertainment space with hardly any effort.

2. Movie Theater
Why not make the most of the dark and build your family its own outdoor movie theater? With a fire pit to cook your popcorn and other movie snacks, you can keep warm around it while you set up a projector. That's really all it takes to transform your backyard into a high-class entertainment venue. Throw down some bean bags or other such comfortable furniture, include a few lamps and blankets, and your family can keep warm around the fire while you watch your favorite movies. Just don't be surprised if other members of your neighborhood want to end up joining you.

3. Treehouse
Sure kids have their treehouses, but adults deserve their own treehouse, too. By building an elegant and crafty adult treehouse, you can safely place your fire pit within the house. Include a loft or a comfortable sleeping area, and you and your loved one can escape to the love nest whenever you want. After all, a fire pit does make for some romantic scenery. For kids, you can include a cool cover that can rest over the fire pit and cast shadows against the walls. They can sleep in the safety of the treehouse with animals floating about their heads.
Imagination Is Endless.

There are plenty of customizable options to make your fire pit more than just a fire pit. Try one of these and get creative.


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