Matching Furniture for Kids to an Established Backyard Design


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Matching Furniture for Kids to an Established Backyard Design

For many families, the backyard is the place of adventures for children and adults. However, sharing the space can be a bit difficult. Your kids want certain toys to take up the lawn, whereas you might want to put in a nice gathering area where you can host parties for friends and family. Your kids may want a treehouse, but you might want to design the tree in such a way to bring an entirely new aesthetic to your backyard design.

Essentially, there is a tug and pull between what delights the children and what you need to make sure your house doesn't look like the Kid's Palace inside of McDonald's. While it may seem impossible to build a bridge between these two drastically different aesthetics, there may actually be a method to have the best of both worlds.

  1. Color

Think of the patio or deck or even just the grass as the foundation of your design. You can certainly make it look how you desire without having to worry about imposing on your children's' space and creativity. It's the next part where you can start to bridge kid-friendly and adult-friendly together. Examine the furniture. By using bold colors you can delight the children who prefer such vibrant colors to both use and play. It can also complement your patio or deck or overall aesthetic choice. Everyone loves a statement wall in the house. Why not let the furniture be that statement in your backyard? Whether you choose a few different bold colors to really bring it home or just stick with one thematic color, you can bring a childish vibrancy with a mature finish to your dream backyard.

  1. Size

Children love eccentricity. Why not build a theme off of that? Have a few regular sized pieces of furniture for practical use, certainly, but why not whimsy it up? Add a few extremely tall or small chairs or tables that you can dot around your deck and yard. You can have a lot of fun with it and include clocks, garden signs, even small houses--as well as a regular-sized playhouse. In no time, you've created an adult and kid-friendly Wonderland in your very own yard. Your family can host fun evenings where even adults can become bemused by the aesthetic choice. There's certainly nothing wrong with bringing the inner child out of someone.

  1. Adult up Adventures

Everyone loves movies. Why not make your backyard the place to go for movie watching? You can have fun with the design and include outdoor blankets and a projector screen to host your films. Add in comfy chairs to rest upon while you watch the movie. The kid part comes in the decorating. By making sure it's a bit more mature than just Christmas lights strung about the place, you can craft an ethereal design that will delight both children and adults. Include a fire pit to cook popcorn, too!

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