A Courtesy That Many Businesses Fail To Feature

A Courtesy That Many Businesses Fail To Feature

Businesses are often looking for a way to better serve their customers and a way to stay one step above the competition. Yet, many businesses fail to provide one simple addition that would let existing customers know the business cares and encourage other potential customers to patronize the business. As novel as it might seem, placing a "doggy doo" or animal waste bag dispenser at the front of a business would be a welcome courtesy for many customers.

Close Pet and Owner Relationships

Increasingly, pet owners show a close relationship with their pets. It is not uncommon for pet owners to consider their pets second children or to make large expenditures for their pets' care. Specialty foods, advanced veterinary treatments, and unique toys have all become commonplace in the industry. And pet owners who feel close to their pets appreciate when another person or business shows the same level of care.

Pet owners will respond favorably to business that shows a little extra care for their pets. This encourages repeat visitors as well as new customers who hear about or see the dispenser in the front of the store.

Service Dogs

Not all dogs who pass by or come into a business are merely pets. Many may be service dogs who offer emotional support, help during a seizure, or Seeing Eye services to their owners. Providing extras like a doggy doo bag dispenser can go a long way to showing that a business is sensitive to those with disabilities. Service animals act as an extension of their owner, so by providing this small courtesy for the care of these animals, a business also provides it to the owner.

Strategic Placement

Doggy doo bag dispensers can be placed strategically for the best possible impact. They can be located near sales displays or next to a sign containing the day's specials. The moments when customers are stopped and pulling a bag from the dispenser is an opportunity to advertise to them and encourage a little more shopping or a return visit.

Self Interest

It is also in a business's own self-interest to provide waste bags for the dogs that pass its storefront. Although there might be the occasional customers who take multiple bags, even when they do not need them, most often, the people using a pet waste bag are people who do not have them or who have run out of their own bags. Without a bag to gather the waste, these pet owners may leave their dog's droppings in nearby plants or grass. This could make the front of the business smell, or worse yet; it could be tracked into the business itself.

It is simply smart business practice for businesses to provide and stock a bag dispenser. It creates a momentarily captive audience and helps to discourage owners from leaving their animal waste near the business. It also leaves a positive impression with customers who appreciate the business's kindness.

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