6 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from the Elements

 6 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from the Elements


When you finally find the outdoor furniture that you love, you should protect it from a variety of weather conditions so that it will look beautiful for many years. Here are a few great ways to care for your outdoor furniture throughout the year.

Way 1: Apply Sealants to Any of the Wood or Metal Embellishments

You should apply the appropriate sealants to any metal or wood parts of the outdoor furniture to prevent corrosion or water damage. While the outdoor furniture may have protective sealants when you buy the items, the substances will wear away with time. The best time to apply sealants outside your home is when it isn't raining during the summer. Remember that any type of sealants must dry for several days before you use the furniture again.

Way 2: Cover the Outdoor Furniture with Plastic Tarps

If you know that it is going to rain a lot for several days, then place a plastic tarp over the furniture. You can place special clips on the plastic tarps to hold the items in place when it is windy. When you have seat and back cushions on the outdoor furniture, removing these items to store inside a garage or basement is recommended as additional protection from the rainwater.

Way 3: Wash Away Leaves and Tree Sap

Underneath a tree is one of the best places for placing outdoor chairs, tables and chaises, but the tree's falling leaves and dripping sap can damage the furniture's materials. However, you can use a garden hose or a power washer device to wash away any debris from the trees. If the debris is difficult to remove, then you can use a scrub brush with soft bristles along with a mild detergent to wash away the sap and leaves.

Way 4: Painting or Staining Furniture

Painting or staining outdoor furniture can protect the underlying materials from the damages of moisture. Remember to buy stains and paints that are formulated for outdoor use along with understanding if the substances are appropriate for metal, wicker or wood furniture. You should paint and stain your outdoor furniture every two years to keep it in the best condition.

Way 5: Spray with Water-repellent Chemicals

If you have cloth sling-type furniture, then you should spray water-repellent chemicals on the fabrics every few months. You can also use these water-repellent products on fabric back and seat cushions to keep the items from becoming soaked with moisture. Make sure to find water-repellent products that are safe to use on outdoor chaises and chairs.

Way 6: Bring the Outdoor Furniture Inside

When you don't need to use outdoor furniture for several months, you can bring it inside to store in a basement or a garage. You can also scatter the outdoor furniture throughout your home in various locations to use for extra seating during the autumn and winter. When the weather is better during the spring and summer, you can take the furniture outside to the lawns or the patio.

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