Poolside Furniture That Will Stand the Test of Time

Poolside Furniture

Poolside Furniture That Will Stand the Test of Time

If you're a pool owner, you can understand the challenges of selecting beautiful, functional poolside furniture that lasts. While finding any sort of outdoor furniture that lasts can sometimes be a challenge, selecting poolside furniture is perhaps one of the hardest tasks. While some patio furniture can be in the shade, most pool owners will at least want some furniture to be in direct sunlight allowing them to tan and relax beside their pool. Of course, when patio furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause it to age must quicker than normal. Fortunately, there's stylish, durable poolside furniture out there that can stand the test of time while keeping both you and your guests happy and comfortable.

Material makes a difference:

When deciding on what kind of poolside furniture to buy, material can make all of the difference. Not only will your poolside furniture be exposed to direct sunlight, it will also most likely be exposed to both rain and pool water on a regular basis. The type of material you choose to buy can make a significant difference. While some wood materials, such as hardwoods, can last for decades in an outdoor environment, you'll absolutely want to stay away from softwoods.

Perhaps one of the most durable type of wood for poolside furniture is teak. Designed to withstand the elements, teak is both stylish and durable. That being said, it's often pricier than other materials.

Cheaper than most hardwoods and teak, metal is another option. Often lighter and available in more styles than any type wood material, metal often heats up in the sun and can eventually be a victim of rust.

Stainless steel is often a popular option when purchasing poolside furniture. Extremely durable in nearly all weather conditions, stainless steel is also stylish and heavy enough that it won't blow away during summer thunderstorms.

Another popular option for poolside furniture is synthetic resin, which is essentially an all weather wicker. One major benefit of wicker furniture, especially when compared to any type of metal, is that it won't heat up in the summer sun. That being said, even though it's all weather, most wicker furniture ages faster than metal or wood.

If you're trying to find the most durable, yet extremely stylish poolside furniture, material often makes all the difference. Depending on your budget, the best options for durable poolside furniture are wood, stainless steel, and all weather wicker. Fortunately, with any of these materials, you can personalize your poolside furniture by adding cushions and other patio furniture accessories.

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