Understated Umbrellas That Will Complement Your Space

Understated Umbrellas That Will Complement Your Space

Don’t let summer catch you by surprise! Now is the time to research the best outdoor umbrella to provide the ultimate shade for your yard. Picking the perfect patio umbrella should be done with care to improve the usability and appearance of your home. Always be sure to keep the following in mind:

Size of Shade
Like most umbrellas, outdoor umbrellas are measured based on diameter so it is very important to have an idea of the area of shade you require. Take a few minutes and walk your yard. Be sure to spend some time in the areas you would like the most coverage. Experts usually suggest that you should select an umbrella that is about 5-feet larger than the spot that needs to be shaded.

When picking the type of material for an outdoor umbrella, consider the climate you live in and how you would be utilizing your umbrella. Wooden umbrellas will not be able to rotate and operate with a pulley and a pin system but will require more manual labor to operate. Metal umbrellas usually require less manual labor to operate since these kinds utilize a crank system, but are typically heavier. Aluminum umbrellas tend to be a popular choice because it is a light-weight alternative for someone who enjoys rearranging their yard often, but be sure it has an anti-rust coating.

Style and Function
Picking just the right style of an umbrella to fit your needs is the most important step in umbrella selection. It’s important to find one to fit the style of your yard and lifestyle.

Table and free-standing umbrellas tend to be the most popular and are ideal for those that enjoy socializing. These kinds are perfect for an outdoor barbecue or tea party on a warm spring day.

Sunshades are made of a simple design with just enough shade to cover one person. These types are best perched poolside!

Pagodas are an Asian-inspired parasol-style that come in many bright colors and designs. This is the perfect style for someone that enjoys a unique but artistic design.

Tilting umbrellas are perfect for those that like to spend long hours outside. As the sun moves throughout the day, rather than having to change seats to avoid the sun’s rays, the umbrella can do the shifting for you!

Cantilever umbrellas will bring your yard into a whole new realm of luxury. Cantilevers are made out of sturdy material and offer a large range of motion from tilting to expanding, which makes this style fairly popular with high-end hotels.

Whether you like the simple table outdoor umbrella or the more eccentric pagoda style, there is no denying that there is a great number of umbrellas to pick from. If you are sure to take your time and reach your needs carefully, you are sure to find the best umbrella to compliment your yard! Your neighbors are sure to be jealous!

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