Does patio furniture need to be covered?

Does patio furniture need to be covered?

If you’re the owner of patio furniture but have never used it before today, you may have questions about how to care for it. A common question asked by people in geographic locations with four seasons is, “Does patio furniture need to be covered?”. A legitimate concern with merit, it’s important to know how to prevent mold, mildew, and warped materials from shortening the longevity of your patio set.

Common Issues That Destroy Patio

Furniture Depending on the material that you’ve chosen for your patio furniture, it isn’t meant to withstand harsh elements unprotected. In fact, you’ll likely find out fast how well it is made by its ability not to bend or buckle when exposed to water. If you want to take better care of the furniture that you have out on your patio, you’re going to need to identify which problems are the most prevalent.
For example, being placed in the hot sun day after day can cause furniture, cushions, and pillows to fade. The UV rays essentially bleach out the color leaving a mess for you to deal with aesthetically. You’ll also find that excessive amounts of humidity cause mold and mildew to grow on the set, causing health concerns for people and pets who come into contact with the compromised furniture.

How to Cover Patio Furniture

Learning how to properly cover patio furniture to protect it from the elements will help prolong its usefulness. You won’t need to worry about it warping, rusting or mildewing if protected properly. The following steps will help prepare you for wrapping and storing your patio furniture until you’re ready to use it again.
Here is what you’ll need to do to protect your patio furniture:
• Determine the size of the patio covers you’ll need. Measure the furniture that you have so you have a good idea of how big of covers you’ll need to purchase to fully cover the pieces.
• Choose the material you want to covers to be made of. Weather-resistant options are best especially if you don’t plan on stowing the pieces away in a garage or shed until next season.
• Make sure everything fits properly. If it doesn’t, areas of the furniture can be damaged easily because it is exposed to the elements.
• Place pillows and cushions in lawn-sized garbage bags. Tie them shut and store them indoors in a location that you can get to easily in the spring.

Once you’ve gotten the furniture completely covered, you may need assistance moving the pieces off the patio or to another area that is enclosed. Taking a few extra steps before bad weather sets in helps you lengthen the amount of time you’re able to use your patio furniture without it needing to be replaced.

Invest in Tarps and Plastic Covers to Keep Patio Furniture Looking New

Covering patio furniture helps protect it against harsh weather conditions. It keeps it looking new longer and prevents water damage from destroying it. If you haven’t considered covering your patio set, it’s time to buy some protective tarps, plastic or vinyl furniture covers and take care of the task.

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