You Need To Know These Safety Tips Before Using A Fire Ring

You Need To Know These Safety Tips Before Using A Fire Ring

Everyone loves a nice warm outdoor fire in the colder months of the year. However, there are many injuries that occur due to a lack of knowledge in regards to fire ring safety. To ensure that you can completely enjoy your fire ring with no repercussions, let’s discuss a few safety tips.


The most important tip regarding fire ring safety pertains to children. If you have little ones around, then make sure someone is watching them at all times. Help them roast marshmallows, and do not allow them to add wood to the fire. This will help prevent them from burning their hands and face. It is also important to remember that a fire ring is hot on the exterior, therefore, it is wise to keep children at a distance.

Using The Correct Wood

If you do not use the correct type of wood in a fire ring, then there is the chance that you will have embers popping off of the wood. Make sure you are wearing clothes that are not flammable, and do not ever let your scarf of jacket come into contact with the fire. Remember that it takes time to feel the heat of fire penetrate through your clothing, and it is necessary to keep your distance and move away from time to time. Do not add too much wood, and try to avoid using fluids to start your fire. Instead, consider starting your fire with a starter log. This will help ensure that your fire does not flare-up, and it will also allow you to maintain better control over your fire.

Weather Conditions

If it is windy outside, then you may want to consider holding off on having an outdoor fire; and do not ever place your fire ring in an area that is covered. You may be outside, but there is still a chance of suffering side effects from smoke inhalation. Place your fire ring in a safe area before starting the fire, because it is extremely hazardous to attempt to move the ring after you have lit the fire.

Fire Ring Care

As tempting as it may seem, do not cook greasy foods in your fire ring. It is better to have a grill to cook your meals to ensure that you do not have grease build up in your fire ring. You will also want to make sure that you clean your fire ring after each use to ensure that the small holes at the bottom allow for air to flow through. These precautions will help eliminate the issue of your fire burning out of control or not burning at all.

As enjoyable as an outdoor fire may be, you can find that if you do not follow these safety tips that your night can end very badly. Remember to always watch children closely, and do not ever leave them alone. If you are drinking around the fire ring, then just make sure that as the night continues that you are always aware of where the fire ring is to keep from tripping over or falling into the fire.


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