Protect Your Patio Furniture From Rain and Pest Infestation

Protect Your Patio Furniture From Rain and Pest Infestation


It is necessary to fully understand the climate of your area to protect your furniture from all weather conditions. When your patio furniture is exposed to good or bad weather over time, it can become severely damaged. Does the area have a little wind or experience heavy rain often, or is it humid? Remember, if the region also experiences too much sunlight, the harmful UV rays will make furniture to fade and seem like it is rotting. All of these are factors that will affect the conditions of your outside furniture. Keep in mind that patio furniture will need different care from indoor furniture. Read below for detailed information on protecting your outside furniture.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture by Material

Outdoor furniture has different materials which need different care. The following are some of the best ways of caring for different furniture materials.


If you live in an area with plenty of moisture or frequent rain, you need to coat wood pieces with waterproof sealant. The sealants prevent splitting as they absorb the excess moisture in the environment. In addition, painting can protect furniture from daily weather damage.


Rattan dries out quickly, but you cannot use sealants, as they will diminish the furniture value. You can lightly mist the items so that they have some amount of moisture. You should also dust your wicker furniture with warm water regularly to eliminate dirt stuck in the material’s crevices.

Ways of Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

To prevent the accumulation of dirt and rot on your furniture, you need to observe the following steps.

Regular Cleaning

Even if you have covered your furniture pieces, they can accrue dirt or rot if you fail to clean them. It is recommended to clean furniture on sunny days with soap and warm water. Allow the furniture to dry in the sun before replacing its cushions and returning it to the shade.

Invest in Furniture Sunscreen

Direct sun rays affect your pieces of furniture. Ultraviolet rays can fade your furniture; therefore, you need to use sunscreen. You can apply a coat of outdoor furniture protector on your metal or plastic pieces. But if you have wood furniture, you can use oil paint to protect them from sun’s rays. What’s more, you should use a fabric protector to protect your fabric.

Cover Your Furniture

You will have peace of mind when you know your furniture is well protected. Individuals who don't want to mess with the furniture’s original quality can get furniture covers. The best covers for your patio furniture are plastic ad canvas covers. If you wish to go lighter, you can buy waterproof pillows. You need to ensure you get waterproof covers since water can quickly seep into the furniture and ruin it.

Secure the Furniture

Heavy wind may cause loose cushions to fly across the lawns. You can use Velcro to hold your patio furniture in place. Additionally, provide shade to your pieces to protect them from direct sunlight. Protecting your patio furniture from all weather conditions will keep it in shape for decades. Use the tips outlined in this article to prevent your furniture pieces from discoloration, dust, and rust.

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