Choose the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture


Choose the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture


Nothing beats spending time outside in your yard enjoying life with your family and friends. However, to have the best time, it's essential to have durable furniture that stands the test of time.


Teak is a fantastic wood for patio furniture because it's durable and withstands weather extremes. Teak lasts up to five decades, so investing in this type of furniture is for the long haul.

Teak has plenty of strong points. It's durable, doesn't dent and is a classic hardwood. It's pleasing to the eye and also works well in traditional outdoor areas.

Cast Aluminum

Aluminum patio furniture is durable and very lightweight. That's important for anyone who has to move it around often. If you think you'll have to relocate your furniture, then a lighter choice like cast aluminum holds a lot of merits.

Wrought Iron

This type of metal is massive, and most people use it for unique furniture designs that stand out from the ordinary. Most handcrafted outdoor furniture use this material, which is much heavier than cast aluminum.


Steel is expensive, and it's the most substantial material of all. It's long-lasting too. Some experts think that using steel for patio furniture is overkill. Aluminum is strong enough to hold almost any weight, so steel may not be the most practical option.

Synthetic Resin Wicker

The classic weaved look of wicker patio furniture remains a favorite. Not only does the furniture look good, but the wicker also performs well across the spectrum of demands.

Most of the patio furniture you find will have synthetic wicker resin built onto an aluminum frame. The result is a stylish offering that is durable and lightweight.

Which Material Is Best?

The type of material most people choose to depend on what they're attempting to accomplish.

Consider the weight of the different materials because it matters when you put the furniture to use. There will be times when you have to drag around the pieces and too much weight will be problematic.

Naturally, the final decision also comes down to aesthetics. You'll want furniture that not only functions great but that looks good and complements your design theme.

Consider the Weather

You need to consider the kind of weather your outdoor area will be exposed to. If it's inclement, you may need to select sturdy building materials. You may also end up moving it around more often if you deal with unpredictable storms.

A simple reality check concerning your lifestyle, your current design tastes and the weather in your area will help you decide on your ideal patio furniture. There's no way to be wrong since all the materials mentioned have excellent and long histories of use. They still sell well because so many people find that patio furniture made out of them works well outside.

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