Tips on How to Clean your Cushions

Tips on How to Clean your Cushions

Extra pillows and cushions bring comfort and softness to our furniture. However, exposure to these plush accents can easily wear and tear or be subjected to dirt. Regular cleaning is essential to keep your furniture appearance cozy and comfortable and ensure your accessories remain as glowing as possible. Before storing your cushions, ensure they are clean and ready for use the next time they are taken out. Depending on the fabric used to make the outer covers of the cushions, it is crucial to follow the cleaning procedure that is best recommended. For irremovable covers, follow a simple and efficient cleaning solution. The following are the different ways in which you can clean your cushions.

Before cleaning, you want to make sure you have everything you need in place and have made all the necessary preparations.


  • Check out the cushions for a care tag that outlines how to clean it.
  • Pick a suitable place to clean the cushions to avoid unnecessary damage, e.g., damaging plants with runoff.
  • Test cleaners to ensure they don't ruin the fabric.
  • Make sure you brush off any loose dirt on the cushion.
  • Mix a preferred cleaning solution with lukewarm water ready for cleaning the cushions.
  • Apply the mixture on the cushions using a soft-bristle brush that does not ruin the cushion's fabric.
  • Allow the soppy lukewarm water to soak the cushion.
  • Brush and scrub gently with a soft bristle brush to take off any stains on the fabric of the cushions.
  • Rinse off the washing water with clean water. Preferably you can use a garden hose to rinse off.
  • Dry the cushions well, and they're ready for use.


It is easier to work with cushions with removable covers because they are not tedious to clean. For a deep cleaning service on delicate fabric, you can take your cushion to the best deep cleaners professional enough not to cause damage to your cushions. There are different stains; for greasy stains, soak your cushions in deep clean stain remover for thirty minutes before scrubbing off the remaining grease with a soft brush. There are ways you can prevent your cushions from getting dirty faster; they include:


  • Tuck your cushions under water-repellant covers when they are not in use to keep them safe from dirt.
  • Keep your cushions on the furniture at all times to prevent them from attracting dirt.
  • Worn-out or raggedy-looking cushions can be revived and given a good appearance again by using recommended setting sprays.


A cushion does not have to be machine washable to keep it clean. It can also be hand washed to make the best and invite the best appearance ever. The cleaning method you apply to your cushion depends on the type of stains and the level of dirt on them. Stains such as dander, pet hair, and loose dust can be removed through vacuuming. When it comes to the scent of the cushion needing a little freshening, sprinkling baking soda and using a vacuum cleaner to suck the bad smell away does the trick.

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