Ways to Secure your Outdoor Furniture from Strong Winds

Ways to Secure your Outdoor Furniture from Strong Winds


There is nothing as relaxing as sitting in your backyard enjoying the sunsets and light breeze from the trees. It is also annoying to find that the heavy wind has carried away or damaged your patio furniture. Homeowners should know that they can protect these items from the high wind. You can achieve this by putting the following measures in place.


Anchor the Furniture


If your outdoor tables and chairs are sitting on a grassy area instead of a stone or gravel yard, you should stake and anchor them to the ground. Check if you can loop the deck anchor through the furniture’s legs and tie them to the ground. If that is not possible, you will have to use chains to connect the stake to the patio chairs.


Stack and Fold Chairs When They're Not in Use


If the chairs in your yard are lightweight, they are likely to tumble around during a storm. The best preventive method is stacking and folding them when nobody is using them. This will consolidate the chairs’ weight and keep them in place. Stacking the chairs will also protect them from dust, snow, sun, and other extreme weather conditions.


Keep Your Umbrellas Inside or Closed


Umbrellas are the main outdoor pieces that strong winds can sweep away. You can secure them and prevent potential damage by keeping them closed or inside the house when the winds become too strong.


Alternatively, you can invest in weighted umbrella bases. These tools are designed to anchor the umbrella to the dining set or patio table and prevent it from frying away. You will have to fill the bases with sand or water. The advantage of these weighted bases is that they will ensure that the umbrellas in your patio remain firm when you are away from home.


Tie the Cushions to the Furniture


Outdoor patio cushions are usually lightweight. This feature means that they can easily fly away during high winds, especially if they are not permanently attached to the couches. You can protect them by taking them inside the house or in a secure location in the patio area.


Alternatively, you can tie the couch cushions to the furniture. Consider using a nylon cable or any other inflexible tie-down cords. You should also add many ties to the outdoor cushions to ensure that they are secure enough. This method will create a bigger mass and reduce the chances of the wind carrying away the combination of outdoor cushions and furniture.


Use Furniture Covers


Covering your outdoor chairs and tables with heavy-duty furniture cover will protect them from high winds during a storm. These covers form a barrier and prevent the wind from throwing the furniture away. They will also protect them from dust, frost, and other harsh environmental conditions.


Conclusively, you should anchor your outdoor furniture, cover, and stack them if you live in an area that experiences high winds. These tips will ensure that the wind does not carry away your outdoor furniture.

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