How to Decorate Your Commercial Property

How to Decorate Your Commercial Property



Decorating your commercial property can be both easy and fun, but finding your inspiration can be more complicated. Anyone with a commercial property knows that the right decor can make a big difference. With effective ways to decorate any retail space, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your business and guests. If you are a business owner, it is essential to have a commercial property that looks attractive and inviting to current and prospective customers.


Purpose of Decorating your Commercial Property

The purpose of decorating commercial property is not easy to understand if you don't work in the field. Commercial property is not generally supposed to be aesthetically pleasing. It's supposed to catch the eye, but only in a simple manner that captures the attention of your potential customers.


Design Tips to Spruce Up Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are generally sturdy buildings that will last in their original form upon installation. However, they will fall behind the times without a little TLC. By heeding certain design tips to spruce up these commercial properties, your building may be able to garner more attention and bring visitors in. This guide will show you how to decorate a commercial property so that you can attract customers and make them feel at home.


1.  Create an Entrance That Entices Your Clients

The first impression is usually the last impression for customers or clients visiting your commercial property, office, or shop. When it comes to your storefront and lobby, you may not have a lot of room to play around with. But by adding just a few extra touches, you can create a space that invites your clients to come in and take a closer look.

One of the most appealing ways to make a welcoming impression on your visitors is through color. The right colors can add warmth, boldness, and even usefulness to your reception area. Be sure that the colors you choose fit into the overall image of your business, yet enhance its attractiveness.


2.  Start With a Neutral Colored Base

The neutral base color is a great place to start when it comes to decorating your commercial property. Create a foundation where the decor can grow to fit your style. When you select a neutral color, you will have plenty of options for accent colors. There are many options available in a wide range of colors and finishes to find something that matches your style and fits the feel of your business. Stick with neutral colors for your base, such as white, cream or beige. This will help you layer different textures in the room and create a stylish modern look that is easily adaptable to changing trends. It also helps the space to feel more open and spacious.

3.  Keep the Style Classic

Commercial property is not only an investment but a place where you can work and interact with your customers. There's no need to sacrifice style for function or vice versa. A classic look is a good idea, as it will be timeless. Going for trendy designs is always an option, but decorating a space is expensive and trendy looks will be outdated in just a few short years. Then you will have to find money to redecorate all over again. 

Here are two types of classic style examples:

  • Mission

Classic Mission style is an excellent option for commercial properties. Your cost will vary depending on the size of your property, but you can expect a price of around $5 per square foot when hiring experts to complete the project. This style is popular with commercial and residential customers because it does not sacrifice comfort for style. Modern, sleek interiors can be created using classic Mission decorating techniques.

  • Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style is one of the most famous architectural styles for commercial buildings. It's trendy for hospitality spaces, like hotels and restaurants. This style uses warm tones, like yellow and gold, to create a relaxing atmosphere with a hint of glamor. The Mediterranean style is often bright and airy, with clean lines and warm, neutral colors. The tone is calming and relaxing, and luxury is evident throughout the architecture.


4.  Use Light Creatively

Light is one of the essential elements when decorating your commercial property. As dictated by nature, we tend to be attracted to light. The less light there is, the more likely we will get tired, sick, and depressed. It can help us to maintain a sense of energy and well being.

Warm light bulbs are helpful for creating a friendly, inviting atmosphere. It helps give the illusion of space and lets you get creative with your lighting fixtures. Replace your current light bulbs with warm bulbs, from halogen to incandescent. If you have an idea for an attractive institution, consider contacting an interior designer.

Indirect light fixtures that sit above furniture and face the ceiling, for example, can help warm up the space. Choose an energy-efficient bulb to keep your costs down, then use it in a lamp or overhead fixture near where guests enter the building or room.

As you design your retail space, think about how you can use natural lighting to your advantage. Natural light will help create a more inviting atmosphere for shoppers and employees and boost productivity. Make sure that the windows are visible from within your retail location and that they have a view of something attractive.


5.  Incorporate Your Commercial Brand Into The Decor

In order to design your perfect commercial space, bring together your brand identity and how customers will interact with your business. Commercial real estate is a highly competitive field, and your brand must compete with the other companies around you. While the design of a commercial business can be integral to the success of its owner, it's also important to acknowledge that the interior design should reflect the owner's vision and values.

Decorating your commercial property with graphics and logos can completely alter the personality of your establishment. Rather than simply being a store with boring walls, you can create a fun, vibrant environment to drive more customers through the door. A good color scheme can help your business stand out and make it more welcoming. Corrugated metal is an excellent choice when looking to define a custom paint palette. By choosing colorful corrugated metal, you can give your property a new look and create a unique personality.


6.  Offer Unique Snacks, Treats, and Drinks

Offering snacks and drinks primarily targeted at office workers, is a great way for you to stand out. If you're in a commercial real estate position, you have to cater to the tastes of your tenants. This means that if one particular company begins offering their unique snacks, treats, and drinks, it's likely that other companies will follow suit to ensure they're staying ahead of the curve. This could mean that you'll have to keep up with the changes. But it could also mean there is a new opportunity for your space or building to become the area's "go-to" spot for snacks, treats, and drinks.


7.  Keep Space Versatile

It is essential to look beyond the design and style of commercial property. That's because your commercial property must serve more than one purpose. Not only will you want to provide a space that services your clients' needs, but you will also want a space that is friendly and welcoming to your employees. If you're renting commercial property and planning on renovating, it's essential to prepare. Try to keep the space versatile. From small offices to large retail areas, consider these design tips when planning your renovation to make the biggest impact while keeping it simple.

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