6 Deck Furniture Ideas to Spruce up Your Property's Curb Appeal

6 Deck Furniture Ideas to Spruce up Your Property's Curb Appeal


Homeowners use a wide range of techniques to increase their home's curb appeal. The process can take several days or years depending on the extent of the changes needed. Property owners should consider staying ahead of the curb appeal curve by utilizing deck furniture in ways that add visual appeal and value. The following ideas can be used individually or combined for maximum results.


1. Decorative Pillows


Property owners can accentuate their home's existing decorative style by adding some throw pillows to the outdoor furniture. These pillows should be carefully selected based on the overall color scheme of the house and its surrounding landscaping. A coordinated look will help the cushions stand out while complementing materials such as wood and stone already present at the property.


2. Clear Covers for Chairs and Sofas


A cover can go a long way to help protect outdoor furniture from water damage and other elements. By placing covers on chairs and sofas, homeowners can give their deck or patio an orderly look while also reducing time spent cleaning.


3. Arrange Chairs in a Row


Many homeowners find it challenging to utilize their outdoor spaces because furniture pieces are not precise arrangements. The addition of chairs, sofas, and tables scattered across the deck will reduce walking space and make the area less appealing to guests. Utilizing chairs in a row allows property owners to create multiple seating areas without spending money on more pieces of furniture.


4. Add Flowers or Pots Around the Perimeter


Spruce up deck furniture by planting flowers around its Perimeter. This will make the space look more attractive and reduce an owner's maintenance costs. This can be done by choosing flowers that require little water and are not fertilized every week.


5. Add Wall-Mounted Lighting Fixtures


Owners looking to maximize their deck furniture investment should consider adding low-voltage lighting fixtures around the area before dark sets in. Not only will the deck be more attractive to guests, but it can also help create a safer environment.


6. Add a Table Top Barbecue Grill


Grills are a popular addition for many homeowners with outdoor decks and patios, especially since they need less maintenance than traditional barbecues. In addition to installing larger grills for outdoor use, smaller tabletop grills can be placed on deck furniture to provide further options for an evening cookout. These grills are relatively inexpensive and don't require a large amount of space to install.


If you're looking to spruce up your property but don't want the hassle of hiring an expensive renovation contractor, deck furniture may be just what you need. There are many ways that this kind of outdoor accent can make a space more attractive and functional- not only for entertaining guests but also as a relaxing retreat during hot summer months. Whether it's time to replace old chairs or add new patio cushions, the above are ideas on how deck furniture can enhance curb appeal at your home.

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