5 Patio Furniture Options for Lasting Beauty

5 Patio Furniture Options for Lasting Beauty


Patio furniture is a great addition to all sorts of outdoor spaces, including decks, porches, and backyards. The furniture is made to wear well in nature's elements, and patio sets come in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. If you're looking for a patio set, you probably want to know the pros and cons of each kind. So here's a list of some of the most commonly used patio furniture materials.

  1. Wicker

Wicker refers to the type of weaving, and wicker furniture can be made of a number of materials, such as rattan and bamboo. One of the benefits of wicker is that it's durable. In fact, when it's taken care of, it can last for decades. It can also be painted or left natural. One of the disadvantages is that it needs care to maintain its shape, and you'll need cushions so that chairs are more comfortable.

  1. Plastic

Plastic furniture has several advantages. For instance, it comes in many styles and colors, and it's usually inexpensive, which is great for people on a budget. It's also easy to move because it's lightweight. Unfortunately, it can fade, and since it's lightweight, it can easily be overturned during a wind storm. To keep the pieces looking fresh, paint them every couple of years.

  1. Wood

Furniture that's made of wood is a beautiful choice. When properly cared for, it wears well, and many constructions are sturdy and heavy enough to stay in place during a storm. One of the downsides is that, when it's not properly maintained, wood can turn to a gray color. Furthermore, most sturdy wood patio sets are more expensive than plastic.

  1. Aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum patio furniture offers great durability, especially in wet areas. It resists corrosion and dings, although it's still possible for the powder coating to flake off after years of wear. Also, like many things, higher quality often comes with a higher price tag, and this is also true with powder-coated aluminum. You also need to take care that you're buying high-quality aluminum furniture. The pieces of lower quality will be poorly welded, and the powder coating might be more prone to flaking.

  1. Wrought Iron

One of the great things about wrought iron patio furniture is its beauty. It comes in many styles and can be painted in many colors. The material is durable, and it's heavy enough that it won't blow away in the wind. Although it can look great, it needs to be maintained. The paint can fade, and it will rust if the paint chips off. You should paint wrought iron furniture every couple of years, and you can pull it inside during the months that you don't use it to further protect it from the weather.

Choosing patio furniture can be an investment, or it might be very inexpensive. When you're choosing patio furniture, think about how you'll be using it and how long you'll have it outside. If you want something that's going to last for years, be ready to pay for top-quality furniture.

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