How to Store Your Outdoor Furniture During the Off-Season

How to Store Your Outdoor Furniture During the Off-Season


On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more enjoyable than relaxing outside enjoying the sun. Most summers are spent around the pool or by the barbeque. Many people have outdoor furniture that they use to make their outdoor areas more inviting. It is necessary to take proper care of these pieces of furniture for them to remain in the same condition the following year. Adequate storage is part of taking care of these accessories. Here are some smart and creative ways to store your furniture.


Deck Boxes


Deck boxes are available in multiple colors and materials. They are used as storage solutions for other small outdoor accessories. Additionally, the boxes are also used as decorative elements in your yard. Cushions, umbrellas, floats, pool toys and outdoor pillows are stored in deck boxes. The boxes will provide the ultimate storage for your outdoor furniture.


Custom order a deck box of the size that will fit your furniture. Your items will remain dry and secure during the off-season. You can also purchase covers for the boxes if you live in a place with high rainfall or snow. The covers will provide more protection for your furniture during winter.


Choose Weather Resistant Materials


Sometimes the weather can get the best of you despite the preparations you’ve made. This is why you should choose items that are easy to clean when mildew starts to affect them. Metal surfaces are easy to clean. Powder-coated white metal furniture is even better since it can be repainted after a few years.


Pillow and cushion covers that are removable can be washed, which is helpful. Some cushions lack zippers. To clean them, soak them with soapy water and then power wash them to get rid of algae stains. Subsequently, dry them in the sun. Try to get outdoor furniture with resistant and easy-to-clean materials.


Buy Items That Can Be Unassembled and Stored


If you have a garage or basement, it is advisable to store most of your furniture there during the off-season. During winter, you do not go to the basement a lot, so you can stack it up to the ceiling. This is a strategy that helps a lot in storing your outdoor furniture. If you have the chance, buy furniture that can be stacked to save storage room. Detachable tables will give you more storage options.


Portable Storage Containers


Portable storage containers provide you with ease and convenience. They are delivered to your home, and they provide storage for your outdoor furniture. This may be the best option for furniture that cannot fit in your basement. Once you put your furniture in the portable container, the container will be taken to a storage facility where it will remain safe. The box can be delivered to you during spring.


Maintaining your outdoor furniture during the off-season is imperative for you to maintain the quality of your furniture. These outdoor storage ideas are solutions on how to protect your investment.


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