What Furniture Should You Get for Your Built-In Pool?

What Furniture Should You Get for Your Built-In Pool?

Your built-in pool is the beautiful center of your yard and the right outdoor furniture can really add to its charm and transform it into the space of your dreams. Properly furnishing your pool area doesn't have to be confusing, provided you take the following information into consideration before buying your pieces.

Determine the Types of Furniture You Need

The type of furniture you choose will help set the mood for your space and determine how it will be enjoyed. So begin by considering the feel you want for your poolside and then go from there.

Tanning Chairs

Tanning next to the water is a common pastime for many, so think about adding tanning chairs to your yard to allow anyone who wishes to relax by the pool and soak up the sun's glow to be able to do so.

According to experts, the right seats have aesthetics, durability, and comfort. This way it recreates the feeling of being on a beach vacation. Look for a pool tanning lounger with a simple design that is also strong enough to withstand the weather's elements. You want to also make sure they have a high weight capacity to suit a variety of guests.

Tanning chairs come in different colors, which further adds to their look. So be sure the ones you choose also have an appealing hue that makes them attractive even when they're not in use.


Umbrellas are also important for shading your yard against the hot sun, which can make hanging out poolside unbearable. However, they differ in features, so some things to think about when choosing an umbrella include:

1. Type

The main types of umbrellas for outdoor sun protection include cantilever umbrellas and market umbrellas.

Cantilever umbrellas provide shade without a center pole to get in the way. Instead, their canopy sits off from the umbrella via a curved pole attached to a sturdy base. Hence, they can be used in even the most hard-to-shade areas.

Market umbrellas, on the other hand, are the vertical umbrellas held up by a center pole that you often see attached to outdoor dining tables. However, they can also be used to shade other yard furniture.

2. Shape and Function

Outdoor umbrellas also come in both square and round shapes to suit your style. Some also have a tilt feature to accentuate their look and improve their function.

3. Size

To determine the right umbrella for each of your poolside seating arrangements, simply measure the width and length of their individual area. This way, you can use their calculations to select the appropriate sunshade for every area to ensure they are all adequately protected from the sun.

4. Fabric and Frame

Quality fabric and a sturdy frame are a must for any outdoor umbrella to ensure it is built to endure the outdoor elements. Its base should also be stable to provide an anchor that prevents it from blowing away during heavy winds or toppling onto energetic little ones.

5. Color

Outdoor sun shades also come in a wide range of colors, so you can choose a setup that compliments your poolside theme or other exterior decorations for an intriguing, cohesive look.

Lounging Chairs

Chaises, recliners, and other lounging chairs strategically placed around your pool provide a stylish and comfortable way for your guest to relax and bask in the outdoor scenery when on dry land.

They are also made from different materials, including wicker and wood, for those seeking a more tropical style. Most models also include pillows for added comfort.

Just be sure whatever lounger you choose is designed for outdoor use.

Otherwise, the frame and cushions will retain moisture from the rain and pool drops, which can cause mold, mildew, and more.

Kid Benches

Kid benches, like adult benches, provide a place for one or more children to sit and play, eat, or take a break from swimming. However, they are specifically designed to fit their smaller bodies.

When choosing a kid's bench, it should be colorful and comfortable to draw children to it. Be sure the seat is also free of sharp corners and protruding details that can put children's safety at risk. Plastic and metal materials tend to get very hot in the sun. Hence, you may want to stick to wood benches.

Storage Chests

Storage chests also make good outdoor furniture because they provide an easily accessible place to keep your water toys, cleaning supplies, minor pool equipment, and more, so they remain safe and dry when you're done using them.

They also help keep your poolside clear for traveling.

You can also choose from different styles, including seating with built-in storage, which enables it to double in utility, thus also helping to save space.

Picnic Tables

Including picnic tables in your yard enables your guests to sit and enjoy their food comfortably. Or they can also provide the perfect place for playing board games, card games, and more while outdoors.

They also come in various materials, colors, and shapes, including square, round, rectangular, hexagon, and more, to accommodate different uses, spaces, and group sizes. A good picnic table will have an inviting style and color that encourages people to utilize it. It should also be stable and trustworthy to sit on.

The material should also be able to withstand the sun, rain, pests, and other outdoor elements that can cause it to splinter, warp, and crack, which can cause physical injury.

It should also be easy to clean and maintain.

More on Selecting the Right Color, Size, and Furniture Type for Your Poolside

Choosing the Right Furniture Color

Colorful furniture enables you to display your character and helps bring out your landscape and pool style when chosen properly.

To know if a color is the right fit for your yard, it should blend well with the outdoor furnishings and surroundings for a seamless look. It is also okay to stick with simple, more traditional colors like white, black, or wood for a neutral look.

However, if you want a more modern look to your yard, some popular furniture colors to add a pop of color include yellow, red, purple, and turquoise.

You can also add a mixture of colored furniture to your yard for an even spunkier look. But again, just be sure the colors match your outdoor environment so that the pieces don't look out of place.

Consider the Space

To find the perfect furniture size for your space, simply use a measuring tape to calculate the square footage of the area and then use the numbers to shop for pieces that fit.

You should also avoid adding too many seats to your pool space because it can make it feel closed in and look cluttered. Instead, if you are planning to entertain large groups, you can also add a few benches, which provide lots of seating without taking up too much space.

Types of Furniture to Look For

Durable, Long Lasting

Your chosen poolside furniture also needs to be made of durable, long-lasting materials to prolong its life and protect your investment for many seasons to come. So stick to chairs and tables made of quality materials, such as aluminum, wrought iron, and wood.

And don't be afraid to feel, sit on, and inspect the furniture for quality and endurance before you buy it.


The whole point of adding seating and dining sets around your swimming space is that you want your guests to lounge comfortably around the area. Hence to ensure the coziest furniture, consider choosing pieces with cushions or simply adding pillows to your existing seats for increased comfort.

Just be sure they are made of quick-drying materials. This way, your guests never have to sit in a soggy mess.

Sling furniture is also becoming a popular choice for comfortable outdoor seating. It's also made of moisture-wicking materials, so it dries fast.

Weather Resistant

The sun's UVA rays, wind, rain, and other weather conditions pose a serious threat to your outdoor furniture. Therefore, it is important to ensure it is designed for outdoor use, which enables it to resist fading, moisture buildup, fungi growth, and more.

If you plan to leave your furniture outside year-round, then you want to also be sure its materials are durable enough to resist both fall and winter elements as well.

Chlorine Resistant

Chlorine, like the sun, can cause fading and damage to your poolside seating due to its potent chemical makeup. So you want to be sure your outdoor chairs are also chlorine resistant to help prolong their beauty.

For instance, nylon is highly protective against chlorine damage. Polyester and olefin may also provide some chlorine resistance.

However, even chlorine resistant furniture will eventually become susceptible to erosion due to the harsh mixture of pool chemicals and the sun. So you must still take proper care to protect it by periodically rinsing it down to remove any chemical residue. If the furniture has removable fabric, then you may even consider taking it off to wash it with a non-chemical detergent. You may even be able to use a specialized product or a natural solution to help neutralize chlorine on your furniture and help prevent acid breakdown and stains.

Arranging the Furniture

Once you have invested in your favorite furniture pieces, the next step is to assemble them in the perfect arrangement to work their magic.

Begin by first choosing a focal point from which to stem your design, which in this case is your new pool. However, your other outdoor decorations will also be used to help create a smooth flow to the area.

You should also determine the purpose of your poolside furniture, such as if it is to create a casual, more laid-back feel, then a symmetric design will help achieve this. Otherwise, place the longest seat along the lengthy part of the poolside so that it is facing the water. This way, your guests' main focus can be the pool. Lastly, position any smaller or single chairs throughout the area in a way that easily allows your guests to mingle.

You can also separate the space into different sections or areas to help make it easier to decorate because you are focusing on one small area at a time rather than just one big space, which can be overwhelming.

The furniture should also be arranged so that it allows for the smooth flow of traffic. So consider the way guests will enter and exit your pool area, and then create a clear and unobstructed path to the entrance and exit. As a general rule, it should also be 30 to 48 inches wide to accommodate heavy traffic. This way, your guests don't have to risk falling into the pool to avoid walking into your patio furniture.


Choosing furniture for your built-in pool is fun! There are lots of options and it is very satisfying to accomplish a relaxing atmosphere and complete your poolside presence.

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