Commercial Thermoplastic Coated Metal Picnic Tables


Spending time outdoors is good for the body and mind. Thermoplastic picnic tables are a wise choice for cities and commercial facilities. Read on to learn three benefits of choosing these outdoor metal picnic tables.


Easy to Clean


Park tables get used a lot by people. However, their location outdoors also means that birds may leave a mess on the table surfaces. The diamond pattern type makes their surfaces easy to clean.


Withstand the Elements


These heavy-duty picnic tables resist fading from the sun. They also resist damage from rain, wind, ice, sleet and snow. Their ability to withstand the elements helps them look good and last longer.


Handle Impacts


The level of commercial durability for thermoplastic picnic tables means you can move them from one spot to another without worrying about damage. These tables can be loaded onto a truck or trailer and relocated as needed. If you store them indoors during the winter months of the year, the weight of stacked tables won't cause any damage for the table that is on the bottom of the stack. They also handle impacts from vehicles, lawnmowers and more.

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