How To Incorporate Environmental Friendliness Into Your Porch Design

How To Incorporate Environmental Friendliness Into Your Porch Design


Coming up with a porch design is not easy. However, this should not make you settle for any design. Instead, you should look for a design that you find favorable. You can also find ways to incorporate environmental friendliness into the design.


You have probably heard people say that incorporating environmental friendliness into a living space is expensive. Don't let this statement discourage you. Here are a few ideas on how to make your porch environmentally friendly.


Build a South-Facing Porch


A south-facing porch will receive direct sunlight all year long. Also, it will reduce the amount of heat received during summer. Therefore, you'll find that this porch is usable and comfortable throughout the year. In case there is snow, it will melt quickly since a south-facing porch will heat up quickly during winter.


Use Natural Wood When Building Your Porch


Use natural wood on your porch since it's renewable and can be recycled. However, ensure that the natural woods that you choose can withstand harsh weather conditions, insects, and moisture. You can pressure treat your wood to prevent it from being damaged by rot, termites, and other hazards.


Use Outdoor Solar-Powered Lights


Direct sunlight powers solar lights. Therefore, when you use them on your porch, you won't have to worry about high electricity bills and a lot of installation work. Also, they're safe when it's raining since they don't use power cables.


Incorporate Plants Into Your Porch Design


Plants will add color and beauty to your porch. They will also bring a sweet fragrance into your living space when you place them near a window or door. However, ensure that you choose plants whose smell is not strong.


You can grow these plants in containers and hang them on your porch. Also, you can place them at the corners of your porch, depending on your porch design. However, ensure that each plant container has a filler, spiller, and thriller. Also, choose plants that do well in your area.


Why Incorporate Environmental Friendliness Into Your Porch Design


No one will force you to build an environmentally friendly porch. However, you will experience several benefits when you build such a porch. Some of the benefits include:


Increase in the Value of Your Property


Many potential homebuyers are aware of the benefits offered by an eco-friendly living space. Therefore, they won't hesitate to buy your home if it has an environmentally friendly porch. Plus, the benefits of an eco-friendly living space are far beyond money.


Lowering Your Carbon Footprint


When building an environmentally friendly porch, you're likely to place some plants on the porch. These plants will absorb excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Also, they will produce oxygen, a gas that is needed by human beings.


Although incorporating environmental friendliness in your porch design is not necessary, it's worth the struggle. It will increase the value of your home and improve the air quality around. However, you need to get tips on how to do it before you start.

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