Best Friendly Colors for Porches and Patios

Best Friendly Colors for Porches and Patios


Your porch, patio, and outdoor furniture colors set the expression for how guests will view the rest of your apartment. For that reason, a fresh coat of stain can revitalize your house as a whole. With the correct choice of color, you can reshape a homely entryway into an inviting and welcoming greeting area.


Indeed, there are many factors to take into account when picking a paint color for your patio, porch, and outdoor furniture—that process should begin with your landscaping. Take account of the botanicals in your yard, and then you can choose the color. Search for colors that accompany the surrounding trees and grass.


Don't overlook the parts of the porch and patios that won't be receiving a fresh coat of color. Be sure to review the structural elements you won't be coloring, such as the roof, stonework, and brick. The paints you choose should supplement these pre-existing features.


You'll also have to figure out the intensity of light your patios and porches receive since light direction can alter the impression of paint color. For example, a porch facing south will wrestle with darker colors; therefore, it's advisable to use lighter shades.


Adding three or four new colors to your patio, outdoor decor, and porch can completely change your garden's appearance. Consider one of these common colors that can fit in all and transform your exterior living space.


Muted Greens


Green is a good shade for outdoor furniture, front porches, and patios because it fits in the (greenery) around your house to create a cohesive and beautiful appearance. Think of a meadowgrass green. It will light up your patio and porch without stealing any attention from your nice-looking lawn. When you're not certain, draw from the shades in your neighboring landscape.


White Paint


The white color never goes out of fashion or style. This time-honored neutral fits well on all portions of a porch and supplements a range of house designs. Plus, white dispenses the flawless backdrop for dazzling colored decor, like lively furnishings, ceramic pots, and vibrantly patterned mats.


Seafoam Green


A pretty mixture of gray, blue, and green, seafoam green will illuminate your patio and stimulate a "staycation" atmosphere at any given time of the year. If you feel extra bold, color your front door coral and observe it pop against the seafoam green.




Gray is a simple color to live with, and it presents a sense of calm on your patio, porch, and outdoor furniture. If your house skews traditional, use a solid shade of gray, but if you want to test some playful artistry, try ombré or stripes.


Dark-Stained Wood


Wooden outdoor furniture and porch, painted in a rich dark brown, is outstanding, and for a good reason. You can add a touch of style using the same dark brown shade on the wood floors, front doors, and balusters.


Deep Blues


You can never go wrong with deep blues. Go with an eye-catching and chic color of deep blue to design an elegant patio and porch scene visible even when you're in the street. "Blue makes a vivid statement."

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