Selecting Wooden Patio Furniture for Your Garden

Selecting Wooden Patio Furniture for Your Garden

Shopping for sturdy, wooden patio furniture begins with you and your space. The best set for your neighbor may not be your ideal, no matter how high quality. This guide will help you choose matching outdoor furniture that will enhance your lifestyle.

Consider Your Lifestyle

The first thing to consider is available space. How much do you really have? Patio sets may feature as few as two pieces or enough to host a party.

If you enjoy your small patio with just a pet or partner, two chairs and a table will probably suit you well. Any more furniture simply wouldn’t fit. On the other hand, if you have a wrap-around porch, you face fewer restrictions. Before you begin shopping, measure your outdoor space so you know how much you really have to work with.

What do you plan to do on your patio? Do you want individual chairs or a loveseat? Maybe you need a more traditional table with chairs to suit card games with friends or outdoor dinner parties. List activities you already do on your porch, then list what you’d like to do in the future. If you often read the news with a cup of coffee on the patio, make sure your future furniture provides a nice place to relax. If you hope to snuggle with loved ones, ensure seating is wide enough to accommodate two or three people at a time. Measuring seats you find comfortably wide will also help you judge which patio sets will not just look but also feel great.

Discover the Benefits of Different Types of Wood

Do a little research into your regional climate before choosing wood for your matching patio set. Shoppers living in warm, damp climates, like the southern United States, may consider white oak or cypress, which handle moist air particularly well.

Teak and Brazilian ironwood step up water resistance with extra durability, making them great for lakeside or beach homes.
Cedar is a sturdy, lightweight wood that’s great for wooden patio furniture. It’s light enough to rearrange on a whim but strong enough to handle some rough housing from children or parties.

Those looking for vibrant colors should consider mahogany or redwood. If you want a patio set that will match existing woodwork (such as a porch, gazebo, or siding), consider different varnishes in addition to matching wood types.

Check Your Space

Using grid paper, draw a mock-up of your outdoor lounge space. Measure proportional pieces of paper or cardstock to represent a wooden patio set you’re considering. The first step in this guide helps you determine the type of wooden furniture you need. This last step helps you visualize a final layout before purchasing. Even if an extra wide loveseat will technically fit on your patio, that doesn’t matter if it’s blocking a doorway. This miniature grid may even help you see a way to better use your space or an opportunity for an additional piece you weren’t sure would fit.

Wooden patio furniture sets bring elegance and charm to your home. With care, it may be able to last generations. It’s an investment in future memories, and it’s easier to make those critical decisions when you know what you need, what challenges your climate presents, and how it will all fit together.

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