Inspirational Event Ideas to Try for Hosting Events

Inspirational Event Ideas to Try for Hosting Events


If you feel that you have been to the same black-dress cocktail party a hundred times in your life, try these creative ideas when it is your turn to plan an event. You will leave everyone inspired and help people create new connections.


Ancestry Party


Chances are your friends' ancestors are from all over the world, so learn more about different cultures with an ancestry party. Suggest that guests choose the country where their ancestors live, but you may also want to give them the option of selecting a country where they wished their ancestors lived. Then, have each person prepare a dish and a drink from that country to share with everyone else. You may want to prepare an area for each country ahead of time with pictures of the country and its flag. It is also easy to incorporate music into this event by playing music from different countries, like an Irish jig or Swedish bagpipes.


Prom Night


Especially if your guests are older or span multiple eras, consider hosting a prom night. Let everyone get dressed up in formal attire like they were going to their high school prom. This event works exceptionally well if you have a large venue where you can install a disco ball and have a live DJ prepared to play music that your guests would likely have heard at their prom. Ask your attendees to send you a photo of them at their high school prom and use these to create buttons with your guests’ names on them.


Hawaiian Luau


It is easy to pull off a Hawaiian luau for your next event. Consider greeting everyone with a flower lei to help set the tone. Set up a photo booth so that guests can have their pictures taken in grass skirts. Get several outdoor grills and let guests prepare their own kabobs. End the night with someone teaching everyone how to hula dance. You may also want to hire a flamethrower to entertain your guests.


Old West Party


You're never too old to play dress-up, so invite your guests to come dressed as cowboys and cowgirls to this event. Set up old-time carnival booths near the entrance to give your guests something to do while they are waiting for a delicious chuckwagon dinner. Then, take them on a hayride to an area where you have built a bonfire and hired a fiddler to play country tunes. End the event by allowing guests to make gourmet s’mores around the campfire.


Giving Tree Event


Start this event by reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Then give each guest a particular amount of money. Head to the nearest box-type retail store. Ask participants to secretly find someone to bless with the money or buy something for themselves. Then, gather the group back together to discuss how they felt giving the money away or keeping it for themselves. End the night with a special gift for your attendees.


There are many fabulous events you can host. Choose your favorites, and get the planning done as soon as possible.

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