• William, September 2015

    Outstanding customer service and a great tables!

  • TL, February 2016

    ational Outdoor Furniture!!! You are awesome and just made my day!! That's CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thank YOU.

  • Terri R., February 2017

    Thank you very much. It is a pleasure, as always, to do business with you.

  • Teresa P., November 2016

    We bought the bahia chaise loungers because we have a sun shelf in our saltwater pool. We needed a non-corrosive material and these seemed to be what we had seen at a resort in Mexico. These chaises are very well made. They stack nicely and are made from a very high quality plastic. We are very pleased with these and I recommend them.

  • T. Lee, September 2012

    I love the furniture. It’s very well made, strong and looks good too.

  • T. Bruner, June 2012

    We were contacted and the chairs delivered. They are perfect as expected. Thanks so much. Once new pool pad is done I will take a picture and show you how great they look. My family is so happy we have been able to do business with you. My wife still brags about having the best pool chairs. Thanks again.

  • Susan, June 2014

    Thank you for sending the information about the bench - very good customer service!

  • Susan H., June 2014

    Thank you for sending the information about the bench—very good customer service!

  • Sue W., April 2015

    We ordered the 4 foot cast aluminum bench with oak slats from your company. We are very pleased with the bench and it is now on the golf course with a memorial plaque for one of our dearly departed golfers. I would recommend your company and products to everyone.

  • Steve, June 2014

    This entire transaction went smoother than I anticipated. Thank you so much for communicating so well with me from inquiry to delivery. I can breath a huge sigh of relief now that they are here. A neighboring community Board member liked out our umbrellas and asked we got them. I told him. I also told him if he needed tables to let me know because I found a company with the best price around, and the company was communicating extremely well with me to meet my needs. That company of course is you. I will certainly recommend you to others. I hope you don't mind, and I am sure you won't.

  • Steve W., May 2014

    I really appreciate your quick response and customer focus.

  • Stephen H., July 2016

    Our team just completed assembling your steel coated picnic tables and everyone couldn't be happier with look and quality of your tables. Add that to your great price and great service!!

  • Stacey C., October 2014

    Your customer service has been TERRIFIC!

  • Stacey C., August 2014

    Thanks for your hard work (and great customer support).

  • Sheila G., May 2014

    As usual this transaction was processed flawlessly! You guys are amazing!

  • Sarah J., March 2015

    Everything is great! Thansk you so much for your help!

  • S. Wunder, March 2012

    We ordered the 4-foot cast aluminum bench with oak slats from your company. We were very pleased with the bench and it is now on the Hunt Valley Golf Course with a memorial plaque for one our dearly departed golfers. I would recommend your company and products to everyone.

  • S. Warren, June 2011

    Thank you so much for your help. What wonderful customer service! It has been a genuine pleasure doing business with you. I work in customer service myself, and sometimes think that I seldom get in my personal life what I give on the job. You have given me an excellent shopping experience!

  • S. Taylor, July 2015

    I am thankful that we know national outdoor furniture as a leading source of outdoor seating for our school. Your outstanding customer service, superior quality and attention to detail are second to none. We appreciate knowing that we can count on national outdoor furniture for expert reccomendations for our specific outdoor seating needs. It has been a pleasure doing business with your fine company.

  • S. Prather, July 2012

    My chairs are here----in great shape---and my wife loves them. Thanks!

  • S. Holt, June 2013

    I want to thank you so much for all you have done to make this happen so quickly and efficiently. You’ve made this whole process so far, a piece of cake.

  • S. Foley, July 2012

    Thanks again and appreciate the professional customer service-certainly missing in a lot of today's sales world.

  • S. Foley, August 2013

    Appreciate the Customer Service! The table and chairs are great and hold up extremely well.

  • Ron R., February 2017

    Thanks for helping us meet the end of year deadline!

  • R. Kelly, July 2013

    Hi thank you for your quick quote and help on keeping delivery costs down. I will keep your email and if I need chairs again I will definitely check your company's inventory. You have great customer service. Thank you again.

  • Patti, February 2014

    Great service.... As we've come to expect from you.

  • Pat S., June 2014

    Thank you for the outstanding customer service!

  • P. Lintel, June 2013

    I must say that you and your company have been a pleasure to work with and appreciate you keeping us so informed on the order. We're looking forward to receiving the chairs!

  • Nathan F., August 2016

    Our delivery window was from 9-11 they were there right at 9 AM, which was great. The driver was very attentive and even assisted when they brought in the furniture. The delivery team did a fantastic job!

  • Nancy, September 2013

    Thank you very much! It's been great working with you. Here's wishing you a wonderful non-pool season!

  • Nancy S., September 2014

    Thank you again, you've been so great!

  • N. Rose, September 2013

    Thank you very much! It's been great working with you and here's wishing you a wonderful non-pool season!

  • N. Couglin, June 2013

    Thank you for your excellent updates and customer service. Most excellent customer service!

  • Mike S., October 2015

    Enjoying our picnic table on this gorgeous day! Thank you so much national outdoor furniture!!

  • Michelle H., April 2015

    Let's move forward and again, I greatly appreciate all of your help.

  • Melvin C., January 2016

    Received the shipment. All was good. Appreciate the quickness and accuracy. Love the outdoor furniture!

  • Melanie S., June 2014

    People are already relaxing on your furniture. Thanks for your fine and attentive service as always.

  • Matt H., August 2014

    Thank you for your outstanding service. Will do business agai

  • Marty M., December 2016

    Our country club lost most of its outdoor furniture in a recent storm. we needed to replace the furniture as quickly as possible for an upcoming event. Yours was the only company willing to go out of their way to help us so we could have furniture delivered in time for our outdoor shindig. Thank you again for the great customer service and everyone loves the patio sets!!!

  • Mark B., August 2014

    The umbrellas look great! Thank you for your help.

  • Mallery F., October 2016

    Thank you for helping me with my outdoor furniture purchase. Looking forward to receiving my beautiful benches next week! Will shop with you again.

  • M. Twesthus, June 2013

    I appreciate all your efforts!! I know you'll do your best to get us our delivery as soon as possible. It is very easy to do business with you and your company, thank you again.

  • Liz P., August 2016

    I think one of your big selling points is the friendliness and helpfulness of you staff. I tried to buy furniture at other online stores before coming to your store, but they were aggressive and rude. Consumers want to shop somewhere where they are treated courteously.

  • Liz B August 2018

    Thank you so very much for taking care of us so promptly. Your attention to detail is really appreciate very much. I can’t think of any other time I had a customer experience that would even come close to being as good as this has been. You have been of great assistance to us, and for that your company can count on future business from us.

  • Linda C., February 2017

    Congratulations on the opening of your new website! It's nice to see all the products I've purchased over the years is still very easy to find. will look to see if I need any additional furniture again this year!

  • Leslie P, May 2015

    I really appreciate the time you guys took explaining my questions before I ordered. Our chairs are on the dockside and we could not be more any happier. These are probably some of the best adirondack chairs I’ve seen and certainly the best I’ve ever owned.

  • Leonard M., May 2014

    Thanks again and please express my gratitude to your driver. We very much appreciate all your teams effort in getting these tables to us in a timely manner.

  • L. Griffen, June 2011

    The delivery arrived yesterday and everything went well. I appreciate all your work with us. You have been an outstanding rep for your company. I have recommended that we use your company for any future purchases we may have.

  • L. Duell, August 2011

    You have been so helpful and patient with me from the beginning. I just really appreciate the stellar customer service you have provided thus far…let me know and it will be my pleasure to let someone know how awesome you have been!!! Thanks again.

  • Ken W., March 2015

    Thank you again for all your help and support. We appreciate all that you're doing for us. Again, thanks. We use your product every day and enjoy it in our cafeteria.

  • Kelly A., September 2016

    My salesperson was extremely helpful when I called looking for a new furniture set. He took the time to listen to my answers to his questions and showed me multiple options that would fit my needs. He answered all my questions professionally and honestly and helped me to choose the perfect set for my backyard without any pressure. I would not only recommend National Outdoor Furniture to anyone for their outdoor furniture needs.

  • Kathy R., February 2016

    It's been a couple of months since we ordered and I wanted to let you know how much we're enjoying our outdoor furniture. I really appreciate your help and very much enjoyed the experience with National Outdoor Furniture. From initial research through delivery and assembly - everything has been excellent! I was surprised when the delivery truck arrived - the palette was packed perfectly. Please let the guys know at the shipping center how much I appreciated their attention to detail when packing our order. You're first on our list to recommend to friends and family.

  • Karl, September 2014

    Furniture arrived and in good shape. Thank you!

  • Karen, June 2015

    I wanted to comment on your Dogipot products. Our township has a dog park which is a very special place. We have the Dogipot stations within the park. Your Dogipot waste products are stong enough to meet the needs of our four legged friends. The service we receive from national outdoor furniture is excellent. I place an order and in no time it is here. Believe me, Dogipot items is not anything you want to run out of!!

  • K. Neff, July 2013

    Thank you for everything! With regard to our entire order I feel we received the best customer service ever!

  • Julie, May 2014

    Fantastic, thanks again for the great customer service and follow through; it is much appreciated!

  • Juile K., April 2014

    I wish all my vendors were as detailed and organized as you!Thanks again for all your help.

  • John V., June 2014

    Excellent customer service! Great start to the weekend, Thank you very much.

  • Joe I., June 2014

    The chaises arrived in good condition and we are very satisfied. Thank you for your great service, and we look forward to future purchases.

  • Jennifer, March 2015

    I will definately refer your company to our other sister sites. Thanks again for all your help!

  • Janet, November 2013

    Thanks again for all your assistance and advice.

  • J. Soldwisch, August 2013

    Our order arrived safe and sound. In addition, I received many compliments on how nice they looked when fully assembled along our existing tables. Your patience in answering all of my odd questions really paid off. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and superior product!

  • H. Arens, August 2011

    My chairs came yesterday afternoon! You’re my hero!!! Look how great they look in my backyard—and how well they go with my other patio furniture! If you’re ever in Seal Beach, you’ll have to stop by for a Mai Tai!

  • Greg S., December 2013

    It's been six years now that I got the table and still looks great! Happy Holidays!

  • Gina P., July 2016

    We needed outdoor umbrellas at the last minute for our upcoming fair. THANK YOU national outdoor furniture for making sure we would have the umbrellas when no one else could help us. Very happy with your SERVICE!

  • Franklin, May 2015

    National Outdoor Funriture has been great to work with. The quality of your products is exceptional, I hope our homeowners association can find it in the budget to buy more outdoor furniture from you this summer. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth A., April 2014

    Just wanted to let you know that the benches look awesome in the columbarium area of our church. Our son Incorporated your benches into his Eagle Scout project and they really made a big impact. Thank you!

  • E. Surur, May, 2013

    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that Deron helped me with my purchase of a couple chaise lounge chairs and did an outstanding job. He went out of his way to make sure I got what I was looking for and did a fantastic job keeping me informed. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated his customer service.

  • Donna R., May 2016

    Thank you! You have been great! You will receive everything by Wednesday!

  • Donna G., June 2016

    Tables were delivered today right before it started raining! Haven't unwrapped them yet! Everything worked out perfectly. If we need more tables in the future, I will definitely contact you again. I love how quickly you responded to every call and email. You gave me every detail I needed and reassured me you'd be available if I had more questions or needed help. Everyone in business should take lessons from you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Denise R., February 2014

    Thanks for the great customer service!

  • Debra K., July 2014

    Many thanks for your very good service!

  • Debra K., August 2014

    Our Condominium Association here in Naples, Florida was looking to replace our community pool furniture. Right from the beginning working with National Outdoor Furniture it was a pleasure. Not only did they email/call me on a regular basis to update me with the status of our furniture, but they also guided me on my search for a replacement pool chair. The furniture even arrived on the day they said it would. This company gets a 10+.

  • Debra C., October 2015

    Thank your for your assistance with our recent purchase of commercial outdoor furniture. We are enjoying the new furniture, and we are happy that we finally have the table to go with the chairs. You have excellent follow-up skills that made our purchase worthwhile. You and your company were a pleasure to work with, and we will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for new outdoor furniture. Thanks again for your help.

  • Deborah, September 2013

    The chaises arrived. They are perfect! Thanks so much for all your help.

  • Dawn J., June 2014

    Thank you again. I truly appreciate the excellent customer service you have provided.

  • D. Brooks, September 2012

    The chaises arrived. They are perfect! Thanks so much for all of your help.

  • Cindy L., May 2016

    Just wanted to let you know the chairs and cushions were delivered today. All went perfectly, the chairs in white with the taupe cushions are AWESOME!!!! The delivery driver could not have been more wonderful as well. I have never had such a positive experience with a company, from the first phone call to set up a delivery date, to the delivery, very professional. So, a BIG THANK YOU, to you for all of your help in making this happen, I will definitely recommend National Outdoor Furniture Inc., to my business associates and friends.

  • Christina, September 2013

    I received the umbrellas's today. They are fabulous! Thank you again for all your help :)

  • Christina E., May 2014

    Great!! Thanks so much! We really appreciate it!

  • Christina C., March 2015

    I received the umbrellas today. They are fabulous! Thank you again for all your help.

  • Cheryl M., April 2014

    Thanks a million. Customer service central!! And with a smile ( on my face, lol)

  • Cathy P., June 2016

    Just wanted to let you know that the replacement Bahia deck chair has been delivered in excellent condition. Thank you again for all of your efforts on my behalf. It was a pleasure to do business with you and our family/friends look forward to many years of lounging in these great chairs!Just wanted to let you know that the replacement Bahia deck chair has been delivered in excellent condition. Thank you again for all of your efforts on my behalf. It was a pleasure to do business with you and our family/friends look forward to many years of lounging in these great chairs!

  • Carolyn N., July 2014

    Thank you for your efficient assistance, as always. It's a pleasure to do business with you!

  • Carolyn H., April 2016

    Great news that our bench shipped so quickly. Thank you for all your help!Great news that our bench shipped so quickly. Thank you for all your help!

  • C. Wenner, July 2013

    You’re the best! Thanks so much for working with us. I know we are small potatoes as the expression goes, however I really appreciate your attention to detail and the ability to respond in a timely manner. I only wish we needed more outdoor furniture.

  • C. Mohr, May 2013

    It’s so nice to have everything run smoothly when ordering something—usually doesn’t!! But you did an excellent job and we so appreciate your professionalism. Hope your company realizes what an asset you are, Deron. Thanks for everything and we’ll be contacting you next year!

  • C. Lavanceau, June 2011

    I am so impressed by your company. You have been truly wonderful to work with. I know that I was a small order for you guys but you treated me like one of the big guys!
    Thanks again!!!

  • C. Dorman, Augest 2013

    I just received the chairs and they look awesome! I really forgot what we’ve ordered so it was a little like Christmas. They are very nice with the all green straps and the textured frame. The straps look extremely durable. I can’t wait to sit in one! Thanks again!

  • C. Campano, June 2012

    I received the umbrella's today. They are fabulous! Thank You again for all of your help :)

  • B. Kirk, July 2013

    Thank you for keeping me up to date. I must say it has been great working with you. Other companies could learn something from you.

  • Audrey M., May 2016

    Thank you so much. We just received the Umbrellas! They look Amazing, we can’t wait to get them out by the pools!

  • Ashley R., May 2016

    Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate your continued follow-up. Have a wonderful day!

  • A. Bates, September 2011

    Shipment arrived today. Thanks for the great customer service!